Just Visiting?

Please ring the bell. I will hear it and invite you to join me in a social 3D enviroment .

If I am online you can join me in VR through this browser.

Ping and wait.

Andy Sent you?

Glad you could make it,

If I shared a invite to join me for a meeting ,

Please leave your name and I will join you shortly in VR.

It will take a moment to connect my side, you are here already. 

Thank you for your patience.

Request to Enter

Sharing your location in VR

If you can send a Tweet you Send an invite to VR.

Invite a guest to explore with you like you would a Tweet ,Snap , Email.

Its it a simple as sharing any link to a webpage .

Invite Others to VR

Have a look around

Take your own time exloring around the web in this 3D enviroment.

It can look difficulute, but soon becomes comfortable and benifical.

Start where you feel comfortable.

First time VR

While you wait..

This would make a great time for you to get set up.

Your Look Great,

Check out how you will appper to others while in VR.

You can change almost every way to can appear to others.

Stay Human
Sit or Stand?

This is up to you, from here you can be present in a space from any devices.

Headset to Desktop to Mobile. 

VR Devices
Hands are important

Gesture and hand movement can help engage with others in a comforable way.

Try to use hand gestures as much as possible.

Try Hands in VR